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How Website Design Affects Your Income As you know, just about all businesses on the web need a website - usually. So for those that do, how else can you expect to sell your fabulous services or products? But if you don’t make the sale the first time, if you try to build a list you’ll need a way to do that. But merely having a site will not guarantee that you’ll make money. Your website needs to be able to convert traffic into customers - that’s what you need. Before starting, it’s normal for people to get some kind of vision, or idea, of the kind of website they want to build. How can you tell if the picture in your mind will closely match a site that makes money? What follows are some proven design tips you can use or integrate into your website, and they’ll help add something to your bottom line. Click Here

It’s important to update your site with content on a regular basis. In time, this will bring you more traffic. This will also compel people to go back to your site for your updated content. Static websites have more of a danger with lapsing content due to their nature, so you need to make sure you take care of any static sites you may have. Updating the website regularly shows visitors that you care enough about them to make sure that your content is relevant and timely. You can help to establish trust with your readers which will help your business.

Don’t install sound on your website that plays automatically when someone enters. When someone enters your site and immediately has to listen to a sound or watch a video, it can be annoying. Some people will immediately leave your site if they are forced to listen to a soundtrack, especially if it’s loud or a hyped up sales pitch. People may be open to listening to an audio file or watching a video, but they want to be able to choose to open it themselves. Consider that you could be losing thousands of dollars in sold products if your sound or video is automated and causing people to click away from your site.

Your site should also look good in a variety of resolutions, so you should check this or have someone show you how. Using a different monitor can sometimes radically change how a site looks, because monitors have different resolutions. Some do not have a high resolution so make sure that your site can be viewed correctly and easily in low resolutions as well as high resolutions. You can’t assume that all of your visitors are able to afford a computer with a high definition monitor. The easiest way to check this is to change your monitor settings. Test how your site looks at all of the basic settings and verify that it’s still easy to view at each of these settings.

These are just a few important tips you can use to help your site’s performance. And they do not require a lot of time from you, either. You can also employ your own common sense to improve your site.