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Computers have been an essential part of our life. Virtually each man on this earth directly or indirectly has been affected or benefited by computers. Computers have been such a part of the life that we cant invest a day without using a computer directly or indirectly. Beginning from the early days, computers have changed a great deal. Vacuum tubes were utilized in the computers instead of today's transistors. The computers were too bulky as well as difficult to operate. Taking illustration of ENIAC, world's first general purpose electronic computer, was weighted more than 27 tons. It utilized over 17,000 vacuum tubes as well as more than 7,000 crystal diodes. It utilized 70,000 resistors, 10,000 capacitors as well as 1,500 relays. It had around 5 million hand soldered joints. It was approximately 8x3x100 feet in size and consumed 150 kW of power. But today's computers are more little in size and consume less energy. The phenomenon of portable computing is getting popular now a days. Businesses are launching many new portable computers that are tiny in size, light in weight and have extremely exciting designs too. Mini Laptop computers as well as tablet computers have become popular due to the fact of their exciting design and portability of use. Talking about future computers, businesses are creating many unique and purposeful designs. They are creating computers smaller and also smaller however yet extremely effective device. The businesses are making computers stylish in such a method which the computers have become a fashion today a day. Lenovo pocket yoga is a really stylish hunting netbook. It looks such as as if it is specially designed to suit in the pocket. We can flip its display in these a way which you can use it as a pill with its touch sensible display. The keyboard is especially designed for ease of use for the users. It's yet another brand new feature is its belt that are turned into a mouse. Hewlett Packard(HP) has also introduced its brand new concept designs. These designs tend to be really specialized purpose designs. Certainly one of them is HP Eco. HP eco is designed for echo issued people. It contains a barcode reader and also solar charge cells. It additionally contains a unique purpose bracelet which can measure blood stress and pulse rate of the user. Yet another design of HP is HP Make-Up. As its name suggests it is especially designed for women. It can function as a make-up box for woman. It has a display that can turn into a mirror by pressing one button. It has a nail printing device too! Females can polish her nails with any kind of color any time. It contains brushes too. 3rd design for HP is HP Mama. It is specially designed for parents to monitor their child. Parents can monitor their kid's activity from a remote place with the help of 2 Bluetooth cameras. HP Perfume is also a model that you can change into a lamp or air freshener. It has ability to download smell samples too. With the help of HP fitness you can control your own fat. It also contains a bracelet which keeps record of the exercise sessions. You can measure your own weight with HP Fitness. Dell's Froot is also yet another great concept design that uses projector and laser sensors at both sides of it. The need of equipment such as monitor as well as keyboard is eliminated from this concept. It uses a projector in place of monitor along with a laser sensor in put of keyboard. It can be used on any flat surface. This design can change trend of desktop computers. Bento Pad is also yet another futuristic design. It utilizes different touch screen display instead of keyboard, mouse and also monitor.