Извор: Нециклопедија
Датум измене: 3. фебруар 2007. у 03:51; аутор: Gondwana (разговор | доприноси) (about me)
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Hello, I am Laurasius Gondwana. I am coming from DR Congo and I am learning Serbian. I think that the best way to learn Serbian is here, while joking. I hope that other people would help me in learning Serbian.

I have some friends from Serbia and for know I'll try to add some of their jokes. I hope that my Serbian will be better in the future and I hope that I'll be able to participate in making jokes in your language.

You may talk to me in Serbian, but I am not able to respond to you in your language. I hope that you will not be insulted with that.

My e-mail is [email protected]